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Easy Clocking (Ponto Fácil) APK is a free app listed in Productivity Apps. It is very easy to install Easy Clocking (Pon

The “Easy Clocking” (Ponto Fácil) is a great app to manage (track) your work hours.

With it is easy to register the clock-in and clock-out daily and also easily register absences, holidays, vacations and/or extra launches (such as overtime paid or overtime earned), thus always keeping the total balance fully synchronized with the real.

The facility doesn’t stop there, it’s possible to navigate by the old registers very simply, the user can view the registers by day, week or month, always having the balance of the period viewed and the total balance until that moment.

Like the “Easy Clocking” (Ponto Fácil) Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/pontofacilapp) and stay tuned for news and usage tips.

Below are the main features available:

★ Personal Control
– you don’t need more to request a report from the company to know your balance
– keep your bank of hours (total balance) in your palm at any time

★ Receipt photo
– save the photo of the receipt issued by the clock-in machine

★ Statement
– have all record details in one simple and complete spreadsheet
– generation for any period
– easily send it by email

★ Charts
– view your total balance history on a chart
– are some types of chats that give you a different view of the records: total balance, day balance, worked on the day, first clock-in and last clock-out

★ Working time
– configure your work schedules in detail

★ Balance
– easily and seamlessly balance each month, week, day and/or accumulated the total balance
– option to clear the total balance every week, month or manually at any time

★ Miscellaneous notifications
– enable or disable only the most important notifications
– time to start
– break time
– time to return
– time to go home
– and others…
– enable push notification to not risk forgetting to register a clock-in
– enable early notifications

★ Widgets
– Clock-in and clock-out: even easier to register clock-ins and clock-outs
– Day balance: Details of how much is left to fulfill the workload of the day
– Total balance: Details of how your total balance is every second

– the fastest and most practical way to register the clock-in (and clock-out)
– tip: stick an NFC tag next to the company clock-in machine

★ Backup
– save and send it by dropbox, google drive and/or email easily
– automatic backup

★ Description of each register
– leave a description and find out why you were late in a day or why you left early

★ Time synchronization
– sync the app clock with your company clock without having to change your smartphone clock

★ Tolerances
– enter the exact time of the register (clock-in and clock-out) and let the tolerances make the necessary adjustments for the total balance calculation

★ Missing
– missed and have a medical certificate (bareback license)? register a “justified absence” and report the number of hours to be credited
– do you have a positive time total balance and want to miss one day? register an “unjustified absence” and discount hours from your total balance

★ Holidays
– possibility of registering full-day holidays as well as partial holidays

★ Vacation
– tell me which days you took a vacation

★ Fine adjustments
– received part of the hour total balance as payment? enter an “extra” entry to adjust the total balance
– did an extra job and want to add it to the total balance? enter an “extra” entry to adjust the total balance

★ Break
– enable automatic register of break time
– enter the minimum break time to be respected.

★ Maximum workload or work shift
– be warned if you exceed it

★ Minimum rest
– know when you have not met the minimum rest

★ Other
– set the first day of the month
– enable SRN (Sequential Registration Number) request


This app is for personal use and should not be used as official registration between employer and employee as it has no legal value.

Download APK(v2.9.3)

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